Loco Slots is a slots machine game in which you can play and win on our different rooms. Invite your friends, beat them at the in game tournaments we have available for you and earn coins being on of the best three players each tournament. Win free coins every day, win different bonus while playing and spin choosing the number of lines and bet. Keep on winning experience points to improve your level and unlock new amazing rooms. Become the best slots online player at Tecnojuegos!

Increase level and unlock new rooms

To level up you must increase your experience diamonds pressing spin at every different room in the game.

The higher the number of lines you choose and the bet, the more diamonds you will earn and the faster you will reach the next level. Every new level means special prizes, and you will be able to unlock new amazing rooms. Go for them!

When you level up in the game, you will also level up your game store. That means that increasing your level at the game you will have special offers at the store.

How do the bets work?

The bets have two variables: Lines and bet.

Lines: Choose the number of lines you want to play with. The more lines you choose the higher winning chances you will have. You will also increase your diamonds points which will help you level up faster.

Bet: Select the number of coins you want to bet for every line you choose. The higher the amount of coins is, the higher the total bet and you will be increasing your winning chances and the diamond points to level up.

How do the Bonus work?

At Loco Slots there are two different types of bonus: Daily bonus and Special bonus.

You will receive your daily bonus every 24 hours. Spin the wheel and earn prizes every day. Take into account that it’s a cyclic bonus. That means that the more days in a row you access the game the higher the prize will be until you complete the cycle and start over again. You will earn a x1 bonus the first day of connection up to x5 bonus the 5th day. Don’t forget to come back every day to pick up your free bonus!

Special Bonus can be picked up every 2 hours. The higher your level in the game the higher the bonus will be. Spin to level up and enter the game to collect your gifts.

Paytable and Payouts

A certain number of symbols of the same type needs to appear on a selected payline. For each machine Always check the paytable as each winning combination is always shown..

The higher the bet and the lines you play, the more chances you have to hit a good combination that makes you win, but take into account that your total bet will be also increased. You can choose the maximum lines bet selecting on the “Max lines” button.

Choose your best option, spin and go for the win!

Our slot machines have a random number generator (RNG) All spins have the same probability of getting a winning combination or not, and it will not depend on who the player is,the level, the amount of coins, the number of payments or amounts, or any other factor rather than randomness.

Remember it’s always a matter of luck and luck changes so if you lose today, come back tomorrow as your luck can be awesome!

How can I buy coins?

At the Lobby you can click on the BUY COINS button and also on the shopping cart at the top of the game.  A window will open with all the different offers available.

Click on your favorite offer and select your payment method such as credit card, mobile or Paypal (check out all the different payment methods)

Once you follow these steps, a confirmation message will show up and your coins will be added to your account. Enjoy them and go for the win!

Remember that Loco Slots is not a gambling game. That means that the coins you purchase will increase your playtime and you will definitely amuse yourself, but the coins can’t be cashed out.